45 Carat yellow diamond could fetch $3.5m

A 45.07 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond is forecast to sell for $2.8m to $3.5m at Phillips New York on Wednesday (12 June).

It leads the New York Jewels Auction, featuring colored diamonds and gemstones, period jewelry, and signed jewels by Cartier, Bulgari, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

The square emerald-cut VS1-clarity stone has classic step-cut faceting, considered an unusual choice to best show off the color and draw out the illusion of greater saturation.

The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) gives the diamond a total visual score of 11 out of 12, based on inner grade (3), color dispersion (4) and undertone (4), noting that despite its depth percentage, excellent polish and symmetry grades, its visual presence translates to “a diamond appearing smaller in carat weight”.

The diamond will realize $77,657 per carat if it hits its high estimate. In March a 15.51-carat VS2 fancy vivid yellow diamond sold for $1.14m – $73,253 per carat – at Phillips Hong Kong Jewels Auction, beating its low estimate.

Source: IDEX

Christie’s Holds 2 Sales Despite Cyberattack

Geneva Christie’s went ahead with two of its Geneva auctions, one for jewelry and one for watches, despite the fact that its website has been down since late last week following a cyberattack.

“The Yellow Rose” diamond, pictured above, was the top lot in its “Magnificent Jewels” sale in Geneva.

The 202 ct. Yellow Rose diamond sold for $6.7 million at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a smaller but historically significant yellow diamond the 101.29 ct. fancy vivid Allnatt was pulled from Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction at the last minute, despite carrying a $6.1 million to $7 million estimate.

101-ct Allnatt Yellow Diamond Could Fetch $7.2m

The 101.29-carat Allnatt diamond, described as one of the world’s most significant fancy vivid yellow stones, is to be auctioned at Sotheby’s Geneva, with an estimate of $6.2m to $7.2m.

The Type 1a gem, from South Africa, was named after the British racehorse owner and art collector Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, who bought in in the 1950s. He had it mounted in a brooch by Cartier.

The Allnatt forms the heart of a flowerhead composed of openwork, brilliant-cut diamond-set petals enhanced with baguette diamonds.

It was last offered at auction in Geneva in May 1996 – as the ‘Property of a Lady’ – and sold for just over $3m. At the time it weighed 102.07 carats and was graded fancy intense yellow by the GIA.

It was subsequently repolished to its current 101.29 carats, which bought the color up to fancy vivid yellow.

The Allnatt diamond leads the Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale on May 14.

Source: IDEX

Slower Growth for Fancy Colour Diamond Prices

Fancy colour diamonds saw slower growth in the last three months, with an increase of just 0.5 per cent in the FCRF Index, which tracks prices across all colours, sizes and intensities.

That compares with a 1.3 per cent rise during the first quarter of 2023, as reported by the New York-based Fancy Colour Research Foundation, with the biggest increases among yellows.

During Q2, yellows diamonds again drove the increase, with a rise of 6.5 per cent across all categories. Pinks were up 0.2 per cent and blues rose by 0.6 per cent.

The FCRF noted that fancy colour diamonds had again out-performed white diamonds, which saw prices fall 3.5 per cent during the quarter.

Board member Eden Rachminov said: “The first six months of 2023 were intriguing. We experienced notable spikes in certain sub-categories within the yellow category, particularly in the intense and vivid grades with a high inner-grade.

“Meanwhile, the blue and pink categories remained stable. If the world economy continues to maintain its positive momentum, we can anticipate a robust price behavior after the summer.”

The FCRF tracks pricing data for fancy colour diamonds in Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and Tel Aviv.

Source: IDEX

303ct. Polished Yellow to Hit Auction Block at Sotheby’s

303.10-carat Golden Canary diamond
303.10-carat Golden Canary diamond

Sotheby’s will offer a yellow diamond weighing more than 300 carats at its upcoming New York auction, where it is expected to bring in more than $15 million.

The pear-shaped, 303.10-carat, fancy-deep-brownish-yellow stone is one of the largest polished diamonds in the world. It is also the largest flawless or internally flawless diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Sotheby’s said Monday.

Initially called the Incomparable Diamond, the stone was recut from its original 407-carat shield shape to deepen the color and brighten the hue, and renamed the Golden Canary. As the highlight of the December 7 Magnificent Jewels sale, it will be offered without reserve, with bidding starting at $1, Sotheby’s noted.

The Golden Canary was first discovered in the early 1980s in a pile of rubble by a young girl playing in the backyard of her uncle’s house, Sotheby’s noted. Miners from the nearby Miba diamond deposit had considered the stone to be too bulky to be diamond bearing and had discarded it. The girl gave the 890-carat rough to her uncle, who sold it to local diamond dealers. The diamond has since been displayed in multiple museums.

“The demand and appetite for [extraordinary colored diamonds] continues to grow,” said Quig Bruning, head of jewelry for Sotheby’s Americas. “Steeped in history, the Golden Canary is one of the most exquisite diamonds to ever be discovered, not only for its sheer size and intensity in color, but for its stunning beauty that is sure to captivate collectors around the world.”

Sotheby’s will showcase the diamond on a world tour prior to the auction, with stops in cities including Dubai; Taipei, Taiwan; Geneva; and Hong Kong.

Source: Diamonds.net

Fancy-Color Price Index Beats Expectations

FCRF yellow diamonds

Prices of fancy-color diamonds slipped marginally in the fourth quarter of 2020 as stability in the yellow category helped the sector stave off a heavier slump, according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).

“Although 2020 was challenging in terms of logistics and travel, contrary to market expectations, fancy-color diamond prices proved to be resilient, with minor price decreases across the board,” the FCRF said Monday.

The organization’s Fancy Color Diamond Index for yellows inched down 0.3% year on year in the three months ending December 31, while prices for blues fell 1.3%. Pink fancy-color diamonds decreased 0.9%, with the overall index slipping 0.8%.

The 1.50- and 5-carat categories were the strongest for fancy blues, increasing 0.5% versus the previous quarter, while fancy-vivid blues decreased 0.6%, led by soft prices for 1-carat stones in that category. Pinks stayed mainly flat compared to the third quarter, with 2-carat fancy pinks seeing the highest rise, up 1.4%. In yellows, the fancy-intense, 5-carat segment grew 0.8%, and the price for fancy-vivid, 3-carat stones was up 0.7%. Fancy-yellow, 1.50-carat diamonds increased 0.6% during the period.

The FCRF believes prices of yellows will continue to remain strong throughout 2021.

“2020 was a fascinating year; wholesalers and retailers alike had to overcome many logistical hurdles in order to finalize simple transactions, while demand for fancy-color diamonds was solid,” said FCRF advisory board member Eden Rachminov. “I expect 2021 to be a bullish year for yellows; their current price is relatively low and I think that a price increase is inevitable.”

The index tracks prices of yellow, pink and blue fancy-color diamonds in Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and Tel Aviv.

Source: Diamonds.net

Vacheron Constantin Heure Romantique Jewelry Watch With Diamonds

Vacheron Constantin

With more than 200 years of watchmaking expertise, Vacheron Constantin – the oldest, continually operating Swiss watch brand has a lot of archives to turn to for inspiration.

That is exactly what it did when the brand opted to release a new timepiece to its Heures Creatives collection.

Today, Vacheron Constantin unveils the highly sophisticated and somewhat dramatic new Heures Creatives Heure Romantique ladies’ watch.

With this new diamond-set 18 karat gold ultra feminine timepiece, Vacheron Constantin not only showcases its ability to embrace the past and translate it to today with ease, but also deftly demonstrates its watchmaking and gem-setting expertise. 

Vacheron Constantin 2020 Heures Creatives Heure Romantique ladies’ watch
The Vacheron Constantin Heures Creatives Heure Romantique ladies’ watch was inspired by an archival … [+] © VACHERON CONSTANTIN

The new flower-shaped watch with great curves recalls the Art Nouveau era in its shape and its setting.

The watch boasts a striking black mother of pearl dial with beautiful striations and highly stylized Roman numerals within the arabesques.

It is meticulously set with diamond brilliants on the case, case sides, and leaf like lugs using a prong setting that was prevalent in the early 1920’s and ‘30’s and that is still relevant today.

In fact, the 18 karat white gold watch boasts a total of 104 diamonds set on two levels of the case for stunning appeal.

Even the white gold folding clasp and the crown are set with diamonds – for a total of 123 stones weighing 2.6 carats. 

As if the diamonds and the meticulous setting which takes an artisan hundreds of hours to complete Vacheron Constantin also adds finely engraved small gold beads to the entire circumference of the case, with another row of beads outlining the diamonds on the case.

This incredible detailing takes dozens of hours of work and is barely noticeable from a distance. However, Vacheron Constantin would have it no other way. The brand is a stickler for details. 

Vacheron Constantin ladies watches 2020
The Heure Romantique ladies’ watch features diamonds set on two levels, as well as the leaf-shaped VACHERON CONSTANTIN

The Heures Creatives Heure Romantique watch, which was inspired by a 1916 archival piece that was created with an all diamond bracelet, joins Vacheron Constantin’s Heures Creatives collection.

The series was started five years ago in 2015, with the first watches released being a trilogy of watches inspired by the Belle Epoque era and forward through the 1970’s. 

Looking at this elegant watch, one would guess it to be fitted with a quartz movement. However, Vacheron Constantin prides itself on its watchmaking as well as its artistic craftsmanship.

This watch is more than just a beautiful statement piece, it also boasts a top notch in-house-made mechanical movement.

Powered by the extremely thin manual winding Caliber 1055,  with 115 individual components and 21 jewels, the petite watch boasts 40 hours of power reserve.

It is finished with a black satin strap perfect for any black-tie soiree.  The watch retails for $54,500.

Vacheron Constantin watches 2020
Vacheron Constantin has been creating romantic watches for women for centuries. © VACHERON CONSTANTIN

Source: forbes

Yellow Diamonds Sell At Bonhams

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

In 1940 when R.V. Cullinan the son of the renowned diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan asked De Beers director Pierre De Villiers to buy him some diamonds on his next visit to Kimberley.

A collection of Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds owned by South Africa’s mining elite has sold at a Bonhams auction for well above its expected price.

The collection sold as two separate lots at the for a total of $773,350.