How to Read a DCLA Certificate, learn

How to Read a DCLA Certificate

DCLA Certificate
DCLA Certificate

Reading and understanding a diamond grading report can be overwhelming at first, but with some basic knowledge, it can become much easier. Here are some key things to look for when reading a diamond grading report:

Diamond Information: The first section of the report provides basic information about the diamond, such as its shape, weight, measurements, and certificate number. It also indicates if the diamond has been treated in any way. The most important statement is Natural Diamond.

Cut Grade or Proportion for the scientific: This section rates the diamond’s cut quality, which affects its brilliance and fire. The grades can range from Excellent to Poor, with Excellent being the highest.

Colour Grade: The colour of a diamond can range from colourless (D) to light yellow or brown (Z). The report will include the diamond’s colour grade, which can impact its value.

Clarity Grade: This section grades the diamond’s clarity, or the presence of any blemishes or inclusions. The grades can range from Flawless to Included, with Flawless being the highest.

Carat Weight: The report will include the diamond’s carat weight, which is a measure of its size. Larger diamonds are generally more valuable.

Proportion the scientifically proven angles: The proportions of a diamond, such as the depth and table percentages, can affect its light performance and overall appearance. Look for a section that provides this information.

Symmetry and Polish: These sections rate the symmetry and polish of the diamond, which will also impact its beauty and therefore the value.

Fluorescence: Some diamonds can exhibit fluorescence, which means they may appear to glow under certain lighting conditions. This is usually blue, but can be a variety of different colours. Blue fluorescence is a reaction to the carbon boron bond. In most cases has no impact on the diamond at all and is only visible under black light. The report will indicate whether the diamond has any fluorescence and how strong it is.

By understanding these key factors and how they impact a diamond’s value, you can begin to read and interpret a diamond grading report with more confidence.

The information on a Diamond Grading Certificate can be quite daunting if you don’t understand what it all means. For this reason DCLA experts are available to explain or advise you what to look for.