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Damage Assessment

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Precise Diamond Recut Analyses

The popular belief is that diamonds are indestructible.

The fact is that diamonds can, and in fact do break, chip, or endure other such damage like abrasions and bruising. In most cases, the damage is repairable – members of the DCLA team are trained master diamond cutters and as such can offer a comprehensive damage assessment report. DCLA can have you diamond re-cut analysis done while you wait and do the repairs usually within a week.

Salvage Assessment & Recovery

chipped and repairDCLA offers a precise re-cut assessment service on broken or damaged diamonds, which extends to repolishing for salvage. Salvage is repair of the property taken over to lower its loss to the insurer. Often damaged diamonds can be recut or repolished so as to minimise loss.

DCLA can assess the precise recovery quality and value of the damaged diamond; if the recovery is determined to be viable, DCLA will have damaged, broken or poorly finished diamonds recut or polished for you or your insurer on request.