The 5 C’s, confidence


A good reputable jeweller is the first step to an intelligent diamond purchase. Your jeweller should be knowledgeable about diamonds and help you feel comfortable making this important purchase.

Next, always insist on a diamond grading certificate from an independent and recognized grading laboratory. A reputable jeweller will gladly supply an independent grading report on the diamond. Why independent? This assures an unbiased and objective evaluation of the diamond. Often a conflict of interest may exist if the same person selling the diamond determines the grade. Why a laboratory? A good lab will have advanced equipment providing for a more accurate assessment. Certain characteristics, such as treatments and enhancements, will only be detected and disclosed by a specialist laboratory.

Without a diamond grading report, unscrupulous dealers are able to sell treated, poorly made and incorrectly graded diamonds to unsuspecting customers.

DCLA Grading Report or certificate
DCLA Grading Report or certificate

A diamond grading report should include a plotted diagram of your diamond and all significant characteristics, including cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The report will also describe the diamond’s shape, exact measurements, proportions and percentages as well as grade the overall proportions, symmetry and polish. It should also comment on the characteristics like fluorescence, graining, and any notable characteristics of the diamond. A good laboratory will also determine whether the diamond has been treated. Treatments to enhance the colour and purity of the diamond significantly reduce the value of the diamond. By international standards, these treatments should be disclosed.

A certificate is an objective expert opinion. Certification of a diamond is a safeguard for the consumer as it is verification of your diamond’s authenticity and specific characteristics. Therefore, the certification in itself is a valuable document.

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