DCLA ‘Trustline’, ask an expert

DCLA Diamond Hotline

Buying or Selling a Diamond ? The DCLA Trustline is a free telephone hotline service that provides direct access to one of our DCLA laboratory team members for answers to your diamond questions.

Our diamond experts are happy to help with any and all inquiries, whether your questions are about a specific diamond, diamonds in general, the diamond certification process, or any other diamond-based issues you need assistance with.

If you are a consumer needing help with a diamond purchase, or perhaps have questions about a diamond you already have, calling the Trustline may help you assemble the diamond knowledge you need to feel confident with your precious purchase.

The Trustline is also open to members of the diamond and jewellery trade, acting as a support center for your queries.

Feel confident, feel secure – phone the Trustline.

DCLA Trustline

  • Tel : 1300 413 425
  • Monday to Friday
  • Hours : 9.30am to 4.30pm