Online Certificate Check

Online Certificate Check

The DCLA Certificate Check allows you to view a virtual image of your certificate. In an instant, you can confirm that the information on a DCLA certificate matches what is archived in our records, providing you with an extra level of confidence.

Fill in the Certificate Number & Stone Weight and click the ‘Check’ button.
(This service is for the certificate holder only.)

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NOTE: DCLA certificate confirmation serves only as a check that the certificate corresponds to the details in our records. The information displayed here is limited to verification only. Duplication of this material is strictly prohibited.

Important Notice – Laser Inscription

The DCLA uses the most advanced PhotoScribe cold laser inscription technology. PhotoScribe is the only company in the world that guarantees in writing that their patented ‘cold’ lasers will not crack or fracture your diamonds.
If the stone has been laser inscribed, the inscription details will appear on the certificate.

Check your certificate to see if your diamond is laser inscribed. Browse this certificate guide to see where this would appear on your certificate.