The 5 C’s, learn

What are the 5 C´s

The quality and value of a diamond are judged on five fundamental criteria known as the ‘five C’s.’ The carat-weight, colour, clarity, and cut…and the most important C of all, confidence. Confidence is found in the form of an accurate diamond grading certificate. Some differences in quality are easily noticeable, others need specialist equipment and qualified graders with years of experience to assess and detect. Accurate assessment of a diamond is only possible prior to being set. Once the stone is set even a trained grader cannot precisely determine colour, size and purity clarity. Therefore quality and value can only be estimated. Minor differences in colour, clarity and weight can have a major effect on value. For this reason, laboratories only grade loose diamonds.

In addition to the five C’s, laboratories test for treatments, which enhance the colour and clarity of the diamond. Treatments such as fracture filling, laser drilling and high temperature high pressure, significantly reduce the value of the diamond and should be disclosed.