Technology & Grading Process, methods

Advanced Technology

DCLA prides itself on maintaining a truly state-of-the-art diamond laboratory. Technology is a crucial part of DCLA’s diamond grading and certification capabilities.

DCLA is a full-service diamond grading and testing laboratory, with the most innovative and up-to-date equipment available to accurately identify and assess each diamond.

Each and every diamond is screened for all known treatments, tested to ensure that it is a natural and not man-made diamond, and graded in accordance with International Diamond Council (IDC) rules.

Independence & Quality Control

To ensure a fully objective, independent assessment of your diamond, our diamond graders are protected from potential outside influences. How?

Immediately after a diamond is received, it is placed into a DCLA parcel paper (a “briefca”) and assigned a unique identification number – all reference to the submitting customer is removed. This way, grades cannot be inadvertently influenced by associating a diamond with a particular customer.

In addition, multiple diamond graders work independently on every diamond – no grader can be influenced by the grades of another. Thus, they cannot be influenced by anyone else’s opinion. A minimum of three professionals must independently agree for a diamond’s grades to be finalised by the control grader and forwarded to certificate printing.

In this way, we maintain the integrity of our diamond grading process and are confident in offering our Diamond Grading Guarantee.

DCLA Diamond Grading Process

DCLA has a fully standardised grading process, ensuring that each and every diamond that comes through the laboratory is thoroughly tested for authenticity and graded consistently and accurately according to International Diamond Council (IDC) rules.

Every diamond is:

  • Weighed on a high-precision certified weight scale for exact, accurate weight
  • Measured with specialised computer technology that calculates precise dimensions and proportions
  • Screened for all known treatments and tested to ensure that it is natural and not man-made
  • Colour and fluorescence graded against a set of registered master diamonds, under carefully controlled lighting conditions
  • Clarity-graded under appropriate magnification
  • Plotted for identification purposes under binocular microscopic magnification – a drawing of inclusions is present on every Diamond Certificate
  • Cut-graded for proportions, polish, and symmetry
  • Transparency graded to assess crystal quality