Professional valuers are put to the test

Two diamonds were sent to three Accredited Valuers for valuation.

The synthetic diamond pendant had valuations ranging from $4330 to $5700, which is up to $5100 more than its true value.

The man-made diamond ring ranged from $5350 to $6200, which is $5000 more than it’s worth.

The Laboratory created man-made diamonds cost $600 and $1200. Neither of the Synthetics were identified as by any of the Accredited Valuers.

Synthetic diamonds can be created in laboratories by machines that work around the clock to replicate what occurs in nature, subjecting graphite carbon to extreme pressure and temperatures of up to 1500C, machines are able to produce a synthetic diamond in just a few days.

Or by Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) used to produce a synthetic diamond by creating the circumstances necessary for carbon atoms in a gas to settle on a substrate in crystalline form in a matter of hours.


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