25.5 carat blue Diamond

25.5 carat blue Diamond recovered by Petra Diamonds at its famous Cullinan mine in South Africa.

The diamond is a rare blue colour and Petra says the stone is considered to be a “high quality gem diamond of top colour”. Which could fetch more than $10m (£6.5m)?

The World renowned Cullinan mine is known for its large diamonds, including the Great Star of Africa which was discovered at the mine in 1905.

After Red and Purple, Blue diamonds are one of the rarest and most expensive of all diamonds and Cullinan is one of the largest producers of the stones,

Fancy Coloured diamonds are in high demand and because of their rarity are breaking record prices at auctions like Christies in New York earlier this week. Where the 34.65 carat Pink diamond from India sold for $39.3m, or $1.13m per carat.

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