DCLA Synthetic diamond identification

DCLA Laboratory established in 2001 has always had the ability and equipment to identify synthetic diamonds.

The DCLA laboratory has identified many synthetic diamonds over the past several years.

DCLA is compliant and works strictly to the IDC rules.

As per the IDC rules the Synthetic diamonds Must be disclosed as “Synthetic diamond”.

Labs will have the choice whether or not to issue a grading report/certificate for synthetic diamonds. In case one is issued only a full grading report may be delivered.

If they do not issue grading reports, a short statement with weight, shape and nature of the stone must be available. The term “Synthetic Diamond Examination Report” or “Synthetic Diamond Assurance Report” is suggested for this limited document.

The terms laboratory-created/laboratory-grown/man-made/synthetic diamond may be used. The term “cultured” may not be used in any way to describe synthetic diamonds.

The DCLA will not certificate synthetic  diamonds or diamonds with reversible treatments as this could lead to confusion in the Australian market.


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