Where’s the best place to buy loose diamonds?

General consensus is to definitely buy online.

Simple reason is online sales don’t have the expense of retail location, security and personnel.

All of these add to the cost of the diamond, but not the value.

But before you do buy, ask these questions.

Do all online diamond sellers ship free of charge?

Can you view before buying, if you wish? 

Is the diamond certified by an IDC or equally highly recognised Laboratory?

Is the diamonds quality guaranteed?  


Only at the DCLA Diamond Exchange the answer is yes to all these questions.

The Diamonds are certified by the best laboratories in the world and are Fully Guaranteed.

The shipping is Free across Australia.

And most important, a trained diamond grader will personally show you all the diamonds attributes, as well as explain all the details so that you understand and make an educated decision before you buy.

This is all done as a free service complements of the DCLA laboratory which is the only qualified and state of the art IDC Laboratory in Australia.


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