Sarine Partners with Cutting Firm on Lab-Grown

The Sarine Loupe technology
The Sarine Loupe technology

Sarine Technologies has entered into a collaboration with diamond-industry consultancy Constell Group that will focus on improving efficiency for the lab-grown supply chain.

“The application of Sarine’s advanced technological solutions to many of the currently manual processes will increase the realized value significantly, and we are fully committed to bringing this evolution to the burgeoning lab-grown diamond market,” Meir Boukris, Constell’s executive chairman, said Tuesday.

Constell offers services such as sorting of rough stones and polishing, concentrating on aiding the transformation of raw materials into finished stones in the most cost-effective way, it said. The group, founded in India, employs more than 4,000 people worldwide.

Sarine, an Israel-based supplier of diamond-manufacturing and grading equipment, will receive remuneration based on each stone processed, regardless of the specific technologies the company uses.


Sarine Joins Race to Buy HRD Antwerp


Sarine Technologies has entered the running to acquire HRD Antwerp, according to two sources close to the sale process.

The Israel-based diamond-technology company has registered its interest in buying the Belgian laboratory, as have two previous heads of HRD, the two anonymous sources told Rapaport News.

Peter Meeus, who ran the organization between 1999 and 2005, was one of the first candidates be linked to a potential bid around a month ago. He is now joined by Serge Couvreur, who served as HRD’s general manager from 2013 to 2014, as well as by Sarine. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) also entered a bid earlier this year, as reported by Rapaport News in early November, but has since pulled out, the sources confirmed. The situation is changing constantly, another source pointed out.

Sarine’s move could be seen as part of its increased focus on grading and other downstream activities. While its main business is providing diamond-mapping equipment to manufacturers, the polished-grading sector offers considerable revenue opportunities and margins, Sarine noted last month.

Potential buyers of HRD have until next Tuesday to submit a final bid with a proposed price, one of the sources added.

HRD and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, which owns the lab, declined to comment, as did the three bidders and IGI.


Sarine Secures First Retailer for 4Cs Grading

Sarine reports

Japanese jewelry retailer K-Uno is the first to adopt Sarine Technologies’ 4Cs diamond grading reports.

K-Uno has implement the artificial intelligence based platform at all its stores across Japan. The record will add additional features, including 4Cs grades, to the current Sarine Profile report, which lists characteristics such as light performance and hearts and arrows. The report will use artificial intelligence to grade qualities such as clarity and colour.

“Our 4Cs report creates an intuitive digital experience that will help engage K-Uno customers throughout the diamond-purchase journey,” Sarine CEO David Block said last week. “We expect additional retailers in the Asia Pacific region to soon be adopting the new reports.”

Sarine Technologies moves into Diamond Grading

Sarine grading machine

Sarine Technologies the world leader in diamond measuring and assessing is expanding its diamond report. It will include the 4C’s quality grades including the diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight. This will be done using  its own automated grading tools.

To get these grades for the diamonds Sarine is using its Clarity and Colour machines unveiled last year.. The two machines can automatically measure a diamond’s clarity and color, a skill usually performed by trained gemologists in laboratories like the GIA, HRD, DCLA and others.

Sarine claims it can deliver quality diamond grading with less subjectivity and fewer human errors, adding that the move would raise confidence.

Sarine is collaborating with Swiss gemological lab GGTL Laboratories on the technology.