Natural Diamond Council makes marketing push

Natural Diamond Council

The Diamond Producers’ Association (DPA), established only five years ago by a coalition of diamond miners including De Beers and Alrosa, has relaunched as the Natural Diamond Council.

In addition to continuing to advertise natural diamonds as the DPA did previously, the council is also hoping to reach younger consumers by producing catchy editorial content on trends and innovations in diamond jewelry and the heritage of natural diamonds.

The rebranding comes at a difficult time for the diamond sector, with the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic depressing demand and prices.

“The current economic climate creates unprecedented challenges for the luxury industry. But, as the climate improves, natural diamonds will connect stronger than ever before,” said Natural Diamond Council CEO, David Kellie in a release. “Consumers will have a greater respect for all things natural and seek brands that have an honest mission to be truly sustainable. They’ll be purchasing luxury goods with a greater meaning, particularly those celebrating connections between friends and loved ones. We need to speak to the younger audience in a different way and we’re delighted to have brought in a number of partners that will contribute to the new world of natural diamonds we’re creating.”

The website will offer coverage under six categories: Epic Diamonds, Hollywood & Pop Culture, Love & Diamonds, Style & Innovation, Diamonds 101 and Inside the Diamond World. The council has also started a new, biannual trend report written by style experts, forecasting diamond jewelry trends, and incorporating styling tips.

In addition, the DPA’s Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond campaign will be replaced with the council’s new branding: “Only Natural Diamonds” (OND).

“Our new digital platforms will inspire and inform consumers globally about the values and heritage of natural diamonds, as well as promoting the significant innovation happening throughout the world of diamond jewelry,” added NDC’s managing director, Kristina Buckley Kayel. “The younger audience is clearly engaged and inspired when we present ourselves with authority in the digital world. It’s our aim to be number one across all digital platforms in our industry and our ambitious plans reflect these goals.”

The Natural Diamond Council will also aim to educate consumers on the sustainability and ethical practices of diamond producers, as well as everything they need to know when buying diamond jewelry.

In a release, the organization said the relaunch reflects the collective commitment of its members, Alrosa, De Beers, Dominion Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds, Murowa Diamonds, and Rio Tinto, to the growth of the industry beyond the current economic crisis.

“Our mission is to educate consumers on the industry and positive social contribution diamonds make to the world today,” said Stephen Lussier, Chairman of the NDC. “Our members are committed to these goals and the launch of the NDC marks an exciting step on this path.”

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