Lucara unveils diamond recoveries from Botswana mine

Lucara Diamond Corp. has announced the recovery of a 320-carat, 111-carat, and two +50-carat stones from its 100% owned Karowe Diamond Mine located in Botswana.

These diamonds were recovered from the direct milling of EM/PK(S) kimberlite ore from the South Lobe during a recent production run that saw additional recoveries of numerous, smaller +10.8 carat diamonds of high value.

The 320-carat is a gem-quality, top light brown diamond, while the 111-carat diamond is described as a Type IIa white stone of high quality. The two +50-carat stones add to these recent recoveries and are also Type IIa white diamonds. These recoveries add to the collection of significant diamonds recovered at Karowe and further solidifies Lucara’s reputation as a leader in the recovery of large, high-quality diamonds.

The recoveries from the EM/PK(S) unit highlight the continued success of Lucara’s mining operations at the Karowe Diamond Mine and reinforce the development of the underground mine which will target >95% EM/PK(S) ore during the first three years of underground production. The company’s adoption of advanced diamond recovery technology has enabled the continued identification and retrieval of these extraordinary diamonds and strong resource performance.

William Lamb, President and CEO of Lucara Diamond Corp., commented on the recent discoveries, stating:

“These diamond recoveries from the EM/PK(S) domain of the South Lobe further validate the quality and potential of the Karowe Diamond Mine. We are thrilled with the consistent success we continue to achieve in uncovering large, high-value diamonds, reaffirming Lucara’s position as a leading producer of large high-quality gem diamonds. Our team’s dedication to innovation and operational excellence continues to drive our success, and we look forward to delivering further value to our stakeholders through these extraordinary discoveries.”

Source: globalminingreview

Lucara Recovers 1,174 Carat Diamond from the Karowe Mine in Botswana

1,174.76 carat rough diamond

Lucara Diamond Corp. is pleased to announce the recovery of a 1,174.76 carat diamond from its 100% owned Karowe Diamond Mine located in Botswana.

The diamond, measuring 77x55x33mm, is described as a clivage gem of variable quality with significant domains of high-quality white gem material, and was recovered from direct milling of ore sourced from the EM/PK(S) unit of the South Lobe.

The 1,174 carat diamond represents the third +1,000 carat diamond recovered from the South Lobe of the AK6 kimberlite since 2015 including the 1,758 carat Sewelô and 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona.

The 1,174.76 carat diamond was recovered in the Mega Diamond Recovery XRT circuit. On the same production day, several other diamonds of similar appearance (471 carat, 218 carat, 159 carat) were recovered at the main XRT circuit, indicating the 1,174 diamond was part of a larger diamond with an estimated weight of > 2000 carats.

The MDR is positioned after the primary crusher, ahead of the autogenous mill, and is the first opportunity for diamond recovery within the circuit.

Lucara to Sell all High-Value Diamonds through HB Group

lucara sewelo

Lucara is to sell all its larger rough diamonds through the Antwerp-based HB Group in what it describes as a “groundbreaking partnership”.

The Canadian miner has a reputation for high-value type IIa diamonds at its Karowe Mine, in Botswana, and was proud to announce its discovery of the 1,758-carat Sewelo (pictured), the world’s second largest diamond, last April.

It has been stockpiling all +10.8 carats, which account for around 70 per cent of its output, since early March.

Now it has announced a unique, new supply arrangement, with purchase prices based on estimated polished outcome, with a true up paid on actual achieved polished sales thereafter, less a fee and the cost of manufacturing. 

 Lucara says it will benefit higher prices than it currently achieves at tender, regular cash flow, and a more efficient supply chain as well as tax benefits and beneficiation opportunities for the Botswana government.

Eira Thomas, CEO said: “Building on the partnership established for the manufacturing of the Sewelô earlier this year, Lucara is pleased to have now secured a broader supply agreement with HB to purchase all of our +10.8 carat rough diamonds, through to year-end. 

“It is our strong view that the success of our industry in these very uncertain times, requires better alignment between producers, manufacturers, and retailers to establish a healthier, more efficient global diamond supply chain.

We are excited to be working with HB to support this new paradigm.”

Source: IDEX

Lucara Diamond Corp. Finds 327-Carat Top White Gem At Karowe Mine

Lucara 327 Carat Rough Diamond

Lucara Diamond Corporation has recovered a 327 carat top colour gem diamond from its one hundred percent owned Karowe diamond mine in Botswana. 

Eight rough diamonds larger than 100 carats have now been recovered at Karowe since the beginning of the year, including a 472 carat rough diamond announced earlier this month. 

Diamond Producers Association launches India operations

Diamond Producers Association

The Diamond Producers Association announced the launch of their operations in the country to build confidence among consumers.

India polishes 85 90 percent of the diamonds today accounts for only seven  percent of the global polished diamond consumption. DPA believe this is a huge opportunity to build the India market by promoting the integrity and reputation of diamonds and ensuring the sustainability of the industry.

DPA has reached out to 3,000 retailers and will offer training and education in diamonds.  DPA will expand training across the country.

The DPA is an alliance between ALROSA, De Beers, Dominion Diamond, Gem Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds and Rio Tinto. These are the leading diamond miners globally. Which together produce over 75 percent of the world’s rough diamond production.

DPA is also working with the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council to build trade relationships and best trade practices.