Heritage Companies Rahaminov Diamonds And Bucherer Form A Dazzling Partnership

When it comes to large natural colored and D-flawless diamonds, the name Rahaminov immediately comes to mind. A family-owned business with an 80-year legacy, the company continues to provide consumers, collectors and connoisseurs with an unparalleled collection of rare cuts and colors, which include large pear-shaped natural yellow, rare cushion-shaped natural pink and round or fancy cut white diamonds, among many others. Due to similar values, Rahaminov Diamonds’ fine jewelry collections will now be featured in five of the renowned Bucherer retail network’s boutiques, which include one store in New York City and 17 other shops throughout the United States.

After being owned by the Bucherer family for three generations, in August 2023, Rolex acquired the company to evolve it and work with different heritage companies such as Rahaminov.

Rahaminov Diamonds’ 18K Pink and White Lariat necklace with fancy brownish pink diamond and white diamond pear shape drops accented with round fancy pink and white diamond melee.

Amir Goldfiner, Rahaminov Diamonds President, said over the phone, “We are excited to partner with such a revered retailer as Bucherer. It feels like the perfect venue to showcase some of our stand-out one-of-kind styles, such as a unique blue diamond toi et moi ring and other special pieces in their boutiques. And it’s been wonderful working with their team to provide a range of natural colored and white diamond designs that tap into their customer’s needs. I look forward to expanding the collection further as we grow together.”

18K White gold Flower Riviera Necklace with mixed-shaped white diamonds.

To kick off their partnership, the two companies threw an exclusive cocktail event at the New York flagship, the TimeMachine store, on December 6, 2023.

Rahaminov Diamonds’ 18K white gold seven row emerald cut bracelet.

Rahaminov Diamonds’ heritage dates back three generations to the 1940s when the Rahaminov brothers became diamond cutters in Israel’s pioneering Buchara Diamonds cooperative, establishing their foothold in the diamond world with their expertise and eye for the rare stones of impeccable quality. The torch was passed in the 1980s to Tamara Rahaminov and her husband, Amir Goldfiner, who further built the company’s prestige and reputation by opening a Los Angeles-based office and transforming Rhaminov into a luxury brand. Today, the third generation, represented by daughters Nicol and Melanie Goldfiner, have imbued the family business with a relevant and modern slant, yet never straying too far from the company’s motto of “where the diamond inspires the design.” They have taken those words to heart, creating a collection of jewelry that starts with finding the most genuinely unique fancy cuts with character and presence and then designing around the stones. Each piece is crafted in platinum and/or 18K gold and focuses on one jaw-dropping diamond or awe-inspiring configurations of the different cuts and colors..

Rahaminov Diamonds’ 18K rose gold and platinum ring with radiant cut fancy green-blue center stone with fancy intense pink trillion cut diamond sides and fancy pink diamond melee.

Bucherer, founded in Lucerne in 1888, has one of the most distinguished reputations in the watch and jewelry industry in Europe. In addition to its impressive range of luxury timepieces and exquisite jewelry from renowned brands, Bucherer offers its customers its own exclusive Bucherer Fine Jewellery collection and Carl F. Bucherer watches. The company is also a leader in certified pre-owned timepieces with a carefully selected range of the highest quality and guaranteed provenance. The company features over 36 exclusive European retail locations, including a flagship boutique in Vienna and Paris and retail stores that count fifteen in Switzerland, twelve in Germany, three in Copenhagen and four boutiques in London. By acquiring the American luxury watch dealer Tourneau in 2018, Bucherer established itself as the world’s largest watch and jewelry company in the U.S. and Europe.

Together, the two companies represent six generations of luxury jewels.

Source: Beth Bernstein Forbes