Rough Diamonds

Rough or Uncut Diamonds

Rough uncut diamond

DCLA offers the only qualified service for rough diamonds direct from our South African DCW. Our diamond expertise in the DCW (Diamond Cutting Works) is third generation.

We are experts in the field of:

  • Marking, cleaving, laser or conventional sawing.

Our services included:

  • Rough diamond pricing on individual single large crystals or parcels of small rough or run of mine.
  • Classification of rough parcels of diamonds for colour and clarity.
  • Expected weight recovery of rough diamonds, for rounds or fancy shapes.
  • Pricing of industrial, near gem and gem quality diamonds.
  • Sorting of near gem rough, and their market price.

Production services:

  • Calculation of the retention on all shapes including octahedrons and misshapen crystals, with a predicted accurate expected weight.
  • Opening windows on rough diamonds, for marking and internal assessment of depth and sizes of inclusions.
  • Cutting and Polishing rounds and fancy shapes.

Fancy colours:

  • Identifying natural origin, colour banding, zoning within rough diamond crystals of fancy colours.
  • Proportion and expected angles for light reflection and colour intensifying the natural colour in the crystal.

When buying or selling Rough diamonds call the DCLA for all Rough Diamond related information.