Pre-Registration for DCLA Diamond Buying Seminars Now Open

‘Introduction to Diamond Buying’ for consumers is now open for end-of-summer pre-registration, dates throughout February and March to be confirmed.

‘Introduction to Diamond Buying’ is an affordable, small group in-laboratory diamond seminar aimed at teaching the diamond consumer how to buy the best diamond with confidence, providing information needed to make a smart purchase.

‘Introduction to Diamond Buying’ covers everything the consumer needs to know before buying a diamond, including a detailed hands-on approach to the 5C’s of grading diamond quality, an overview of diamond treatments, questions to ask your diamond jeweller, and more.

With the overload of information on the internet, it is difficult for the diamond buying consumer to know what is and isn’t important – DCLA diamond experts will outline the essential knowledge a consumer must have in order to make an informed diamond purchase.

To register, or for more information, please Contact DCLA.

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