New! DCLA Transparency Grading System

After analysing thousands of diamonds, DCLA has developed a new Transparency grading system, independent of other quality grades listed on the traditional diamond certificate.

Transparency is the degree to which a material transmits light, directly relevant to the cloudiness or haziness of the material.

Diamonds of any clarity, fluorescence and cut can in fact have Very Good or Excellent Transparency, making them attractive stones. Diamonds of any clarity, fluorescence and cut can also have Good or Medium Transparency – light return can be interrupted by multiple features of a given diamond.

The DCLA Transparency Grading System will now take all of these features into account to provide an even more comprehensive assessment of a diamond.

DCLA Transparency Scale:

Excellent  –  Completely transparent, no light interruption, no haze or cloud
Very Good  –  Transparent, minimal light interruption, very light haze or cloud, difficult to detect
Good  –  Transparent, slight visible haze or cloud, detectable
Medium  –  Semi-Transparent, marked light interruption, moderate haze or cloud, easy to detect
Poor  –  Semi-Transparent, very little light passes through, heavy haze or cloud

Effective September 15 2008, all DCLA Diamond Certificates will include the diamond transparency.

In addition, the DCLA has also split the traditional Finish grade on our Diamond Certificate into the dual features of Polish and Symmetry. This will provide a fuller, more detailed expression of the overall diamond make to both consumers and the trade.

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