Lab Created diamonds Are like real thing says producer

Consumers can now save thousands of dollars on diamonds, with a technological breakthrough that allows Synthetic diamonds to be created in a lab.

Bissell said the lab diamonds are not different in any material way and have all the optical, chemical and physical properties of mined diamonds, and they’re 100 percent carbon because they’re genuine diamonds.

The lab created diamonds are grown in pressurized containers on a small piece of carbon known as a seed,. The ultimate result is a high quality Synthetic diamond with the same properties as a natural diamond.

John King of the Gemmological Institute said lab grown diamonds are essentially the same as natural ones, and it’s just a matter of educating consumers.

To keep up with the new technology equipment to test stones and prove natural or synthetic is available at laboratories.

Created diamonds do come with certification from some laboratories with regard to colour and clarity.

In Australia DCLA does not certificate treated or synthetic diamonds and guarantees all diamonds ever submitted have been tested and are natural as stated on the certificate.

NOTE: If you have a certificate or report which does not say the diamond is natural, it has NOT been tested.

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