HRD Announces new CEO

After a long period of uncertainty, HRD Antwerp is looking to the future with a new and ambitious CEO. Ellen Joncheere, formerly the General Manager at Fremach, will be the new CEO at HRD Antwerp as of January 20th. The current interim CEO, Michel Janssens, will be retiring next summer.

Ellen has worked in a wide range of other sectors, including the automotive industry and environmental services, where she has transformed companies and strengthened their market positions in the face of rapidly changing market situations. She plans to help HRD Antwerp overcome the obstacles currently in its path, as well as prepare the entire organization for the future.

Over the past few years, HRD Antwerp has focused its attention on its core services of certifying polished diamonds, providing professional training and developing technological devices to detect laboratory grown diamonds. This has involved reorganizing its global structure and hierarchy.

HRD Antwerp has diamond grading labs in Antwerp, Istanbul and Mumbai. The company also has representative offices and drop off locations in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Shanghai, Surat and Tel Aviv.

Source: HRD