Germany diamond robbery: thieves who cleaned 1 billion euros of diamonds

A year ago, three people caused the theft of € 1 billion diamonds in Germany. One of these diamonds was encrusted in a 16th century sword. Police raided apartments in Berlin in the morning and arrested three suspects suspected of theft at the Green Vault Museum last year. Police searched 18 apartments, garages and vehicles and seized digital data, clothing and tools.

Arrest in different parts of the country
It was an operation of such magnitude that 1,638 officers were involved, which hampered traffic. Three people from Germany have been arrested and will be brought before a judge. Force said the arrests were made in different parts of the country. However, little information has been given on this subject. Security camera footage showed two people breaking into the museum and entering a window grill.

Includes many diamonds
One of the stolen items was a sword that contained 9 large diamonds and 770 small diamonds. At the same time, the 49-carat Dresden white diamonds were worn on the shoulder. These are among the most valuable gems that were included in the collection of the former ruler August the Strong. Police say thieves may have turned off alarm systems by cutting off the power.

Difficult to assess
Museum director Marion Ackerman said last year that the material used in the jewelry was not very valuable, but overall it was worth more. He said that these gems are a treasure trove of art and culture and that it is difficult to assess them. Another director of the museum, Dirk Syndrum, said that these decorations were in some way equivalent to World Heritage. In addition to diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds were also among the stolen sets, he said.

Source: bcfocus