Fraudulent GIA Diamond Certificate Found

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has identified and seized a bogus diamond grading report appearing recently in Hong Kong.

In a news release issued on Wednesday, GIA revealed that although the number of the diamond grading report was in existence in their database, it corresponded to a higher-quality diamond with different measurements, colour, and clarity. According to GIA, a lower quality diamond was cut to match the specifications of the diamond that went with the original report. Furthermore, GIA stated that upon closer scrutiny of the false diamond grading certificate, it was discovered that there were several characteristics inconsistent with those found on an authentic GIA diamond grading report, including differences in font, colour, and background.

In the same release, GIA revealed that their investigation had tracked the counterfeit diamond certificate back to Antwerp, Belgium, a major diamond trading center. Information on the perpetrators is now being sought by the GIA, who is working law enforcement authorities around the world to help detect and prosecute such criminal activities. GIA asks that any individuals with information about either this particular bogus certificate or any other fraudulent activity bring it to their attention.

To help both the industry and public, all major laboratories provide an online database service that allows individuals to check the authenticity of a diamond certificate online by entering the diamond report number and the carat weight of the diamond, which then pulls up all available information about the diamond.

However, this online verification service only serves to determine if the certificate number exists, not if the diamond that accompanies it matches the certificate. GIA offers a verification service to confirm the authenticity of a diamond grading report whereby clients must submit both the diamond and certificate to the GIA laboratory.
In Australia, DCLA performs this verification service and individuals may bring their diamond and accompanying diamond certificate to the DCLA for verification; please contact the laboratory for more information.