DCLA Celebrates 10 Years

On May 2nd, 2011 The DCLA celebrated ten years in business as one of the world’s leading diamond certification laboratories.

Specialising in diamond certification, cold laser inscription, education and consumer protection, the DCLA has built a global name from the ground up over the past decade. The company opened its facility on the 2 of May 2001 and immediately became the Australian bench mark for ethics and accuracy. Still the only recognised Laboratory grading to the IDC rules, the DCLA continues to lead the way in innovation, diamond certification and detection of treatments and enhancements. DCLA remains the only laboratory that has tested all diamonds ever certified to be of natural origin and untreated. Subscribing to the belief that a business must keep its brand fresh, the company will continue to innovate and provide exceptional services and protection to the trade and public. We look forward to the next ten years and the challenges that face the natural diamond trade.

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