Buying a Diamond? Introducing the DCLA Diamond Exchange

It is with great pleasure that the DCLA announces the launch of the DCLA Diamond Exchange, a new company and diamond trading floor that gives all diamond buyers direct access to DCLA certified and guaranteed diamonds.

The mission of the DCLA has always been to protect diamond buyers and maintain consumer confidence in diamonds. In the continuing pursuit of this mission, the DCLA has had overwhelming demand to provide the public with access to DCLA certified and guaranteed diamonds. If you cannot find a DCLA diamond at your jeweller, DCLA Diamond Exchange is happy to assist.

The DCLA Diamond Exchange is the first and only diamond exchange where consumers buy diamonds with the greatest confidence that all diamonds are guaranteed to be correctly graded, providing you with the right diamond at the right price. Every diamond listed on the DCLA Diamond Exchange is backed by the DCLA Laboratory Consumer Grading Guarantee. This guarantee assures buyers that every diamond listed on the site is independently graded and verified, and is protected by a full-replacement guarantee.

Through the DCLA Diamond Exchange, leading Australian diamond merchants list their DCLA certified diamonds directly to you on the Diamond Exchange trading floor, while DCLA diamond experts guide you through the buying process from beginning to end.

Consumers view and compare diamonds with the personal assistance of a diamond expert in a professional laboratory setting. DCLA Diamond Buying Workshops offer consumers succinct and comprehensive diamond knowledge. Select diamond advisors provide full analyses and explanation of the diamonds being viewed, for complete confidence, understanding, and peace of mind.

This means that the DCLA now provides the first ‘one-stop-shop’ for all diamond consumer needs. Consumers can depend on reliable expert advice and diamond buying information to ensure they make a smart purchase, regardless of where they decide to buy.

Buy your diamond from the diamond experts, and select a jeweller whose designs and work you like. For more information, or to find a diamond, go to the DCLA Diamond Exchange.

Why buy from the DCLA Diamond Exchange?

• DCLA are experts in diamonds and determining diamond quality, with vast knowledge and experience in diamonds.
• DCLA Diamond Exchange draws on the thousands of DCLA diamonds available right here in Australia, which guarantees you the right diamond at the right price.
• DCLA gives you all the information you need to make a smart purchase, even if you buy elsewhere.
• DCLA certifies, guarantees and cold laser inscribes every diamond for your protection.
• The DCLA Diamond Exchange will have the largest selected variety of DCLA Laboratory certified, approved, and quality guaranteed diamonds available in Australia.


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