46-Carat pink diamond delivers heart and pear shaped stones

15.2 carat Heart

The gem-quality 46 carat rough pink diamond was sold by SML into a cutting and polishing partnership with SML’s preferred buyer, Safdico International.

Under the partnership agreement, SML retained a share in the margin to be generated from the sale of the resultant polished diamonds.

The Lulo partners are pleased to advise the results delivered from cutting & polishing the 46 carat diamond.

The rough diamond delivered three polished diamonds a 15.2 carat Heart and two Pear shaped diamonds weighing 3.3 carats and 2.3 carats.

The main delivery, a 15.2 carat Heart shaped diamond was graded by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) as Fancy Intense Orangy Pink, with a clarity grade of VVS1 and Excellent gradings for both polish and symmetry.

The 46 carat pink coloured diamond is the largest gem quality coloured rough diamond recovered to date from Lulo mining operations.

Source: miningreview