Classic car prices drop but diamonds and wine shine

Old Master paintings and classic cars have lost the luster, But the uber rich have seen their jewellery, fine wine and musical instruments jump in value again.

This according to to the Blue blooded UK bank Coutts’ passion index of the finest things. Now in its twelfth year.

Thanks to 16.4 percent rises in instrument, 11.6 percent  in jewelry prices and  a near 10 percent jump in wines. Also a rise in watch prices of 6.7 percent.

One of the biggest jumps is for coins where gains since 2005 hit 225 percent.

Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar ,Porsche and other collectable Classic cars whose prices have risen more than 332 percent since 2005, also went into decline.

Prices for fine art dropped between 4.3 and 7.9 percent last year. Post the financial crisis the Old Masters and 19th Century Art has been the worst performers.  Down by more than 40 percent on a cost adjusted return basis.