Pre-Registration for DCLA Diamond Buying Seminars Now Open

‘Introduction to Diamond Buying’ for consumers is now open for end-of-summer pre-registration, dates throughout February and March to be confirmed.

‘Introduction to Diamond Buying’ is an affordable, small group in-laboratory diamond seminar aimed at teaching the diamond consumer how to buy the best diamond with confidence, providing information needed to make a smart purchase.

‘Introduction to Diamond Buying’ covers everything the consumer needs to know before buying a diamond, including a detailed hands-on approach to the 5C’s of grading diamond quality, an overview of diamond treatments, questions to ask your diamond jeweller, and more.

With the overload of information on the internet, it is difficult for the diamond buying consumer to know what is and isn’t important – DCLA diamond experts will outline the essential knowledge a consumer must have in order to make an informed diamond purchase.

To register, or for more information, please Contact DCLA.

DCLA issues Diamond Grading Guarantee Cards for Consumers

The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA) announces the launch of a full-replacement guarantee to stand behind all DCLA Diamond Grading Certificates, providing complete and unsurpassed confidence for diamond consumers.

Australian diamond consumers can be 100% secure that every DCLA-certified diamond is of the quality stated on the accompanying DCLA Diamond Grading Certificate.

DCLA warrants that every diamond certified by the Laboratory is a natural diamond, accurately graded in accordance with the International Diamond Council (IDC) and World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) standards for grading polished diamonds. This is a first for diamond grading in Australia, and is the only guarantee of its kind in the world.

It is vital that consumers are secure in a diamond purchase, knowing that they are getting what they pay for. Accuracy and consistency in grading at DCLA provides the Laboratory with the ability and confidence to offer this Guarantee.

Effective December 1 2008, every DCLA Diamond Grading Certificate will be accompanied by a Diamond Grading Guarantee Card, to be issued to a consumer at the time of purchase.


For full details, please see the DCLA Diamond Grading Guarantee Policy or Contact the DCLA directly.

DCLA Offers New Damage Assessment and Recut Service

DCLA now offers a precise recut assessment service on poorly finished, chipped, broken, and otherwise damaged diamonds.

The popular belief is that diamonds are indestructable, but the fact is that diamonds can, and do in fact break, chip, or endure other such damage like abrasions and bruising. In most cases, the damage is repairable; DCLA has advanced equipment and specialised software to provide a comprehensive damage assessment report, and recut analysis, on damaged diamonds.

On request, DCLAwill have the diamond recut or polished. This service is available to the trade, members of the public, and insurers requiring salvage assessment.

New! DCLA Transparency Grading System

After analysing thousands of diamonds, DCLA has developed a new Transparency grading system, independent of other quality grades listed on the traditional diamond certificate.

Transparency is the degree to which a material transmits light, directly relevant to the cloudiness or haziness of the material.

Diamonds of any clarity, fluorescence and cut can in fact have Very Good or Excellent Transparency, making them attractive stones. Diamonds of any clarity, fluorescence and cut can also have Good or Medium Transparency – light return can be interrupted by multiple features of a given diamond.

The DCLA Transparency Grading System will now take all of these features into account to provide an even more comprehensive assessment of a diamond.

DCLA Transparency Scale:

Excellent  –  Completely transparent, no light interruption, no haze or cloud
Very Good  –  Transparent, minimal light interruption, very light haze or cloud, difficult to detect
Good  –  Transparent, slight visible haze or cloud, detectable
Medium  –  Semi-Transparent, marked light interruption, moderate haze or cloud, easy to detect
Poor  –  Semi-Transparent, very little light passes through, heavy haze or cloud

Effective September 15 2008, all DCLA Diamond Certificates will include the diamond transparency.

In addition, the DCLA has also split the traditional Finish grade on our Diamond Certificate into the dual features of Polish and Symmetry. This will provide a fuller, more detailed expression of the overall diamond make to both consumers and the trade.

RapNet to list DCLA graded diamonds

The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA) is proud to announce that RapNet, the World’s largest diamond trading network, will now include DCLA certified diamonds in its global listings.

From the 1st July 2008, Australian RapNet members can upload DCLA certificates onto the Network. This cooperation allows Australian merchants and retailers, for the first time, the ability to use RapNet to trade DCLA certified diamonds.

RapNet is an exclusive professional trading community giving members direct access to thousands of the best Diamond Suppliers and Buyers around the world. RapNet is a member only Network and is not open to the public.

DCLA welcomes new Director

After seven years at the helm, the outgoing directors are handing over control of the DCLA. The appointment of Ms Anna Wojcieszek as the new Laboratory Director marks the next phase in the laboratory’s growth.

Ms Wojcieszek has extensive diamond grading experience and spent several years in Gemmology and Client Development through the E.G.L USA Group in Canada. Holding a degree from the University of British Columbia, and studies at the Canadian Institute of Gemmology within the International Accredited Gemmologist (CIG) Diploma program which earned her the designated title of Diamond Expert (CIG), Ms Wojcieszek assumes responsibility for the DCLA.

The DCLA looks forward to continuing to provide unparalleled service as Australia’s foremost diamond grading laboratory.

DCLA buys second PhotoScribe Cold Laser machine

Demand for branding in the Australian diamond market is the reason the DCLA ordered a second of the PhotoScribe cold laser systems. This will ensure fast turnaround time for certified and laser inscribed diamonds.

DCLA continues to be the only laboratory in Australia applying Cold Laser technology, the only laser guaranteed to not damage your diamond.

DCLA acquires the official Registered Cibjo Diamond Master set for Australia, the C2 Au Set

DCLA, the official CIBJO laboratory for Australia, received the C2 Au Registered National Diamond Master set for Australia. Cibjo, also known as the World Jewellery Confederation, is as a decision-making body whose main purpose is to create and maintain standards and promote cooperation among interconnected jewellery organisations. Among its other functions, Cibjo sets diamond grading policies for its member laboratories, including inspection and registration of diamond master sets.

CIBJO Recognizes DCLA as Registered Laboratory

The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA,) was recently recognized as a CIBJO Registered Laboratory.

This is significant for Australia as it is the first diamond grading laboratory to achieve this recognition, DCLA reported in a statement. The DCLA was established in 2001 to address the standards of diamond grading in Australia.

Australia has a developed retail market and now has a laboratory which is recognized by both the IDC and CIBJO.

DCLA offers first Cold Laser System for Australia

PhotoScribe cold laser system is now available in Australia. The DCLA has received the first of its kind in Australia, the latest cold laser technology that allows excellent control during inscription without damaging the diamond.

The service will be offered with all DCLA certificates and as a branding option. This system can perform complex images and two dimensional bar-coding.