ALROSA Uncovers Largest Yellow Diamond Find So Far This Year

Alrosa Yellow Diamond

ALROSA subsidiary JSC Almazy Anabara has recovered a 28.59 carat rough diamond of deep greenish yellow hue the biggest yellow found so far this year.

ALROSA said that following an appraisal, the color of the stone has been determined as fancy intense yellow.

The diamond, discovered at Ebelyakh placer deposit in July, has dimensions of 11.40 x 19.00 x 17.50 mm, and has “insignificant colorless inclusions on the surface,” the miner said.

“This stone is unique because nature seemed to have prepared it for cutting in advance and gave it a pear-like shape,” said Evgeny Agureev, a Member of the Executive committee, and Director of the United Selling Organization of ALROSA.

The United Selling Organization and the company’s cutting division, DIAMONDS ALROSA, have yet to study the diamond and decide whether to auction it as a rough stone or to cut and polished it.

The Almazy Anabara is a leader in producing fancy colored stones. In 2017, it produced a 27.85 carat pure pink diamond the largest pink stone in ALROSA’s history, and a large 34.17 carat vivid yellow diamond.

ALROSA plans to focus its cutting division on the processing of large and colored diamonds and the subsequent sales. Starting this year, ALROSA has been sorting colored diamonds according to a new technology, that includes almost all hues and color grades. Most of these diamonds are processed by DIAMONDS ALROSA the company’s polished diamond unit.

ALROSA produces at least 7,000 carats of colored diamonds per year. In September, it held a True Colors auction in Hong Kong, where it showcased a collection of 250 diamonds of different shapes and hues. The company said it plans to run such auctions regularly.

Source: IDEX