Over 4,000 diamonds seized in Lucapa

At least 4,429 unevaluated diamond stones in the possession of a French citizen were seized last Sunday in Lucapa, eastern Lunda Norte province, National Police have said. ,

The detention was a result of a police investigation following several tip offs on clandestine sale and purchase of diamonds in the residence of the French citizen, said the police note reached Angop.

The operation also led to the seizure of USD 3,350 euros, two scales, three magnifying glasses, four diamond shovels. 

The transparency operation which was extended to the maritime coast in March 2019 aimed to curb diamond traffic and illegal migration.

The French citizen has been detained and will be forwarded to the Public Ministry Office in the next days.    

From January to May this year 125 diamond tones (still to be rated), USD 1,700 and 55,000 kwanzas were seized.

Source: einnews