BlueNile diamonds

BlueNile is widely consider to be the world’s best place to buy GIA certified diamonds at the lowest prices, but is it a good deal?

Buying diamonds online is risky, ensure you take measures to protect your purchase.

The DCLA offers this advice:

     •  Use the two week return policy wisely by sending the stone and report into the DCLA Laboratory to be verified.

     •  Check the proportion grade, it is more important to the quality of the diamond and more scientific overall than a cut grade.

     •  Check the comments on the Diamond Certificate: clouds, graining and other structures or inclusions may affect the transparency of the diamond.

     •  Make sure the diamond is laser inscribed, with the Diamond Report number. This will help provide security and is a permanent identification.

     •  Don’t buy the cheapest stone available, it is cheap for a reason!

BlueNile is a Forbes 500 listed company and has a great reputation, but buying on the internet is dangerous if you are uninformed.

Make an informed decision and verify your purchase. The DCLA Laboratory will confirm the diamond is the diamond matching the report.

If you are one of the many people buying a diamond with a GIA certificate online from BlueNile or other sites, call the DCLA for advice… it’s free, and could save you thousands.

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