$1 million plus perfume bottle

This record breaking perfume bottle is covered in 3,500 diamonds.

The new unisex fragrance made by Spirit of Dubai Par fums is also described as the world’s most expensive at a cost of $1.295 million.

The bottle was designed by Asghar Adam Ali Ibrahim, and sits in a wheeled pedestal.

It is also the tallest commercially available remote controlled fragrance spray bottle at 1.97 m.

Users can adjust the sprayer height and direction with a remote control.

Spirit of Dubai says SHUMUKH, which translates to ‘deserving the highest’, unites both jewellery and perfume to create a product that “tells the tale of Dubai through seven core design elements”.

After the certificate presentation on 12 March, the record-breaking bottle was displayed in The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue as part of its ART+ series.

Source: Guinness world records