• Radiant Cut

    Diamond cut or shaped into a square or rectangular princess cut, with the corners cut off.

  • Red Diamond

    A coloured diamond with a natural red body colour. Red must be the predominant colour, but it may be modified by shades of pink or purple. The colour in natural red diamonds is created by irregular crystal structure. Natural red diamonds are the most rare of all diamonds. Some red coloured diamonds with sufficient saturation fall into the valuable fancy red colour category of diamonds.

  • Rough Diamond

    Diamond in its natural state, exactly as it is found in the earth, prior to undergoing cutting, polishing, or alteration of any kind. See DCLA: Rough Diamond Services.

  • Round Brilliant Cut

    Diamond cut or shaped into a circular outline or circumference, with a cone-shaped pavilion. The standard round brilliant diamond has 57 or 58 facets, and is the most popular style of cutting.