• Nailhead

    Unattractive black shadow under the center of a round brilliant cut diamond that has too deep of a pavilion. The shadow is caused by the reflection of the table. Diamonds with a nailhead look dark, lacking brilliance and life.

  • National Diamond Colour Master Set

    Set of certified and registered diamonds, with known colours from which other master sets may be derived. 

  • Natural

    Part of the original “skin” of a rough diamond that has been left on the polished diamond. Naturals affect the polish grade of a diamond, but do not have a significant impact if confined to the girdle area where they are usually located.

  • Natural Diamond

    Diamond mined from the earth, unlike a synthetic diamond, formed completely by nature without any human intervention or treatments.

  • Needle

    Type of diamond crystal inclusion where a mineral deposit, or sometimes another diamond, is trapped inside the diamond. Needles look like elongated bubbles of various shapes and sizes.

  • Nick

    Type of diamond blemish that that appears as a tiny break out of the edge of a diamond, not large enough to be a called a chip and usually confined to the girdle. Nicks affect the polish grade of a diamond.