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The DCLA Difference

The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA) is one of the world’s foremost independent diamond grading and certification laboratories, providing independent and guaranteed diamond grading certificates, or diamond grading reports, for natural diamonds. 

DCLA is Australia's premier diamond grading laboratory, and the only laboratory grading diamonds to the IDC rules. The IDC rules are the internationally recognised and accepted rules for diamond grading and diamond certification as set out by the WFDB, IDMA and Cibjo.

The DCLA Diamond Grading Laboratory Certificate sets the standard for technical ability in certification of diamonds. The DCLA remains the only internationally recognised diamond certification laboratory in Australia, grading diamonds in accordance with International Diamond Council (IDC) and World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) rules for grading polished diamonds.

Protecting Diamond Buyers

The principle mission of the DCLA is to protect diamond consumers, and consumer confidence, when buying diamonds. A fundamental element of this confidence is providing accuracy, consistency and transparency in diamond grading.

In a relentless pursuit of consumer protection, DCLA is the only diamond grading and certification laboratory, both in Australia and worldwide, to provide a 100% consumer guarantee that a diamond certified by the DCLA laboratory is an accurately graded natural diamond.

The Diamond Certification laboratory of Australia is equipped with the most advanced diamond technology and equipment in Australia. All diamonds submitted to the DCLA laboratory are individually identified and tested to International Diamond Council standards, ensuring that the diamond has not been treated or enhanced in any way, and are of natural origin. 

The DCLA Diamond Grading Certificate assures the owner that the diamond is free of all known diamond treatments and diamond enhancements. The DCLA Certificate confirms that the diamond is a natural diamond and not a man-made synthetic diamond when they sell diamonds to consumers. DCLA state of the art cold laser inscription system permanently links the diamond to the DCLA Diamond Grading Certificate, providing added confidence without altering or damaging the diamond in any way.

Independent & Accurate Diamond Assessment

DCLA Independence means that the DCLA Diamond Grading and Certification Laboratory receives no grants or funding from the diamond or jewellery trade, it is completely self funded and independent.

DCLA & The International Diamond Council

The International Diamond Council (IDC) is the governing diamond body established by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA). Together, these two organisations are the world’s highest authorities in diamonds.

DCLA is the only International Diamond Council (IDC) laboratory and the only CIBJO Diamond Grading laboratory for Australia, and holds the only official registered National Diamond Masterset for Australia, the diamond C2Au set.

In 1975, the WFDB and the IDMA, appointed a Joint Committee to create an international standard for grading diamonds, covering rules for diamond grading, working methods and nomenclature. A comprehensive system of rules and methods was built up, combining a wealth of practical diamond knowledge and experience of professional diamond people with scientific facts and figures.

The Committee later changed its name to the International Diamond Council (IDC). In May 1978 the "International Rules For Grading Polished Diamonds" were unanimously approved at the 19th Congress of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and International Diamond Manufacturers Association. All the major diamonds laboratories have since adopted the system. DCLA is proud to offer a Diamond Certificate with such pedigree. 

Trusted and Respected

DCLA is the most respected and trusted name in diamonds protecting the diamond buyer in Australia. Most importantly DCLA protects you the diamond jewellery or investment diamond consumer.

Before you buy loose unset diamonds, consult the laboratory for independently certified diamond advice. If you are in the process of selling diamonds, be sure to contact DCLA for their advice on how to sell a diamond.

latest news

Friday 22 May, 2015


De Beers Diamond mining Groups Kimberley Mines are no longer in the company's strategic plan.

De Beers has been mining at Kimberley South Africa for more than a century, said it hoped to conclude the sale in a matter of months. De Beers produced 722 000 carats of diamonds at Kimberley in 2014.

Thursday 21 May, 2015


Diamonds certified by the GIA had an undisclosed treatment which fades over time, but improves their colour by as much as three grades.

GIA is asking anyone in trade stocking these potentially treated stones to turn them back into the GIA for re-examination.

Tuesday 28 April, 2015


The updated equipment will have production capacity of up to 700 stones per day.

Tuesday 21 April, 2015


Lucara’s Karowe diamond mine in Botswana has produced a 341.90 ct type IIa rough diamond gem while processing kimberlite from the central and south lobe interface.

The diamond will be sold along with two other stone weighing over 100 cts each.

Friday 17 April, 2015


Wednesday 15 April, 2015


An unnamed diamond trader is suspected of stealing diamonds valued at around US$1 million from several dealers in the Johannesburg diamond center in South Africa, according to a report in The Star.

Monday 13 April, 2015


Debswana's Managing Director Balisi Bonyongo said, the Diamond Company will cut diamond production at its mines as the company tries to match demand in the short to medium term.