Washington Diamonds Corp. announced recently that it will begin selling loose, colorless synthetic diamonds online

The stones will be grown using the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process at a facility located of Washington, D.C., Washington Diamonds Corp has been able to grow stones as large as 2.30 carats.

The company plans to produce stones of one carat or slightly larger in size, Concentrating in colours ranging from G to J colour and VS1 to SI2 clarity.

Gemesis a well-known Laboratory grown diamond producing company began selling colourless diamonds online direct to consumers this year. Gemesis also once had diamond growing facility in Sarasota. It now produced stones overseas.

Late last year Scio Diamond Technology bought the assets of Apollo Diamond a Boston based synthetic diamond Production Company, and has plans for a jewellery division that would include colourless synthetic (CVD) stones.


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