Lucky Farmer Digs up his Sixth Diamond in Panna, India

6.47 carat rough diamond

An Indian farmer has recovered his sixth diamond in two years – a 6.47-ct gem valued at over $40,000.

Prakash Majumdar leases a small patch of land in diamond-rich Panna from the Madhya Pradesh state government. 

The diamond, which he found last Friday, will be sold at a price fixed by the Government Diamond Office, and the proceeds –  minus taxes and royalties – will be split between Majumdar and his four co-workers.

It’s not the biggest diamond he’s found. Last year he unearthed a 7.44-ct stone on the same plot and he’s found four other gems weighing 2-ct to 2.5-ct in the past two years.

Farmers typically pay $2.70 for the rights to dig a 25ft by 25ft patch of land in Panna district, which is estimated to have 1.2m carats of diamond reserves.

Last July laborer Anandilal Kushwaha (pictured) who leased a tiny square of land to dig for diamonds in Panna, Madhya Pradesh, unearthed a 10.69 carat stone valued at $67,000.

Source: IDEX