Hong Kong Lab Identifying New Synthetic Diamonds

The Hong Kong diamond industry has announced its impressions of a new fast and efficient method of manufacturing synthetic diamonds. The CVD process has become more common in recent years.

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) created diamonds were submitted to the laboratory for expert analysis. All of the CVD synthetic round brilliant polished diamonds submitted to the Laboratory last, had a colour and appearance comparable to top quality natural diamonds.

Though some weak graining and tiny pinpoints were found in the stones, Graders observed no fractures or inclusions.

These qualities earned the stones clarity grades of anywhere from VVS1 to VVS2, with a single stone graded as a VS1.

None of them responded significantly to long-wave ultra-violet radiation.

All IDC Laboratories are able to identify treated and Synthetic stones.

If your diamond is uncertified, or has been graded without being tested. Contact the DCLA for advice.

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