UAE Authorities Arrest Traveler Smuggling Diamonds in his Gut

rough diamonds

UAE authorities have arrested a man coming from Africa attempting to smuggle 297 grams of raw diamonds estimated at around $90,000 in his gut.

On Thursday, the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) said it received a tip-off about an African man who intends to bring the raw diamonds into the country by smuggling them through Sharjah International Airport.

The FCA, with the coordination of Sharjah’s Department of Sea Ports and Customs, took the necessary measures, and arrested the suspect as soon as he landed at Sharjah Airport. When he reached Sharjah Customs, his passport was confiscated and his bags were checked.

After carrying out an X-ray, officials discovered that the passenger had swallowed 297g of raw diamonds, which were worth around $90,000, the German News Agency reported. The diamonds were seized and the suspect was referred to the concerned authorities.

According to FCA, the suspect said he had visited the UAE on previous occasions but had never committed such a crime. But on this trip, he brought the illegal diamonds, which he purchased from the black market of an African country with the help of two other partners.

He also admitted that he intended to seek potential buyers in the UAE to purchase the diamonds without disclosing names.

Source: aawsat