AcuVal jewellery valuations

Watch and Jewellery Valuations

Valuations and Certificates
AcuVal is a platform that provides an easy way of building up a valuation for a jewellery item and providing a printable certificate. Create and manage valuations and valuation certificates.

Connecting Jewellers and Customers
The platform provides direct and live connectivity between Jewellers and customers. Chat and send messages in real-time. Record communication in one place.

Digital Valuation Certificate Vault
A safe and secure repository for your valuation certificates. Keep your records of your precious items up top date Always ready to send to your insurer or jeweller. Maintain a list of jewellery items and track the value. Your digital valuation certificate Vault becomes your store of value of your watch and jewellery items.

Validation, Advice and Market Prices
In addition to creating the valuation certificate, the platform provides direct links to exchange rates, gemstone pricing markets, laboratories and industry experts. AcuVal provides all of the information you need for an accurate valuation.

Valuation methodology with added intelligence
Build a valuation fast and accurately, using our database of information and guides.

Use our predictive text algorithm to help build your valuation certificate.

Get advice from a global network of laboratories, gemologists and valuation experts.

Benefit from a library of valuations and historical data.

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