• Gem Quality

    Diamonds of a beauty and calibre suitable to be used in jewellery. Only approximately 20% of mined diamonds are of gem quality  – 80% are in fact industrial grade diamonds.

  • Gemmology

    The science, art, and profession of identifying and evaluating of all gemstones, including diamonds.

  • Girdle

    The outermost edge or rim of a diamond that outlines its shape. It is the circumference or perimeter that appears to divide the crown from the pavilion. A girdle may be faceted, polished, or bruted. The purpose of the girdle is to protect the diamond from damage such as chips.

  • Girdle Thickness

    The height of the girdle, expressed both in millimetres and as a percentage of the total depth.

  • Grading Report

    A complete, accurate report describing the specific characteristics of a diamond, issued by a recognised and independent diamond grading laboratory. A diamond grading report lists all the characteristics of a diamond that allows you to determine its current appraisal and fair market value. Also called a Diamond Certificate. A diamond grading report is not an appraisal and does not contain a monetary value. Click here for a guide to the information that a diamond grading report must have.

  • Grainer

    Term used to describe a diamond weighing approximately 0.25 of a carat. In ancient times, 1.00 carat was equal to about four grains of rice. A “four grainer” would thus be referring to a diamond weighing approximately 1.00 carat (4 x 0.25=1.00).

  • Graining

    Faint wavy, hazy, oily, or distorted transparent and sometimes shadowlike lines, either inside the diamond or on the surface of a diamond. Graining is caused by irregular growth and crystallization that takes place when the diamond is formed. Also known as “growth lines.”

  • Green Diamond

    A diamond with a natural green body colour. Green must be the predominant colour, but it may be modified by shades of yellow or blue. The colour in natural green diamonds is created by exposure to natural irradiation in the earth that produces structural defects; natural green diamonds are extremely rare. Some green coloured diamonds with sufficient saturation fall into the valuable fancy green colour category of diamonds.