Why would I want my diamond certified by the DCLA?

The DCLA is the only internationally affiliated and locally accredited diamond grading laboratory in Australia. Although there are other highly respected laboratories internationally, the DCLA is the only recognised diamond grading laboratory located in Australia, making it easier for Australians to deal with any problems or queries as they arise. In addition, DCLA is the only diamond certification laboratory to stand behind our work and offer a full-replacement Diamond Grading Guarantee.

How do I know that my diamond certificate or diamond grading report is from an independent laboratory ?

Ask the jeweller if the diamond certificate comes from an independent diamond laboratory or if it produced by a diamond merchant or retailer, then do your research. Make sure the certificate is issued by the DCLA or another highly respected diamond grading laboratory; DCLA is the only diamond grading laboratory worldwide to offer a full-replacement Diamond Grading Guarantee.

Why is it important that my diamond certificate come from an independent diamond grading laboratory?

If you were buying a house would you accept an inspection from the owner? Of course you wouldn’t, you would insist that the inspection be done by an expert with no financial interest in the transaction. This situation is the same when buying diamonds. Be careful of diamond reports produced in-house by diamond merchants or retailers, as the report may be inaccurate and overstate the actual grading of the diamond.

What is diamond plotting?

Diamond plotting is the process of recording a diamond’s inclusions. At the DCLA, diamond plotting is done on a computer diagram, which is then stored in a database together with all the measurements and features of a diamond. This database is similar to a finger print database, as all diamonds have unique inclusions. The diamond’s plotting is shown on the diamond certificate, and is very important in the identification of a diamond.

Is it easy to read colour, clarity, carat weight and shape on a diamond grading report?

On the diamond certificate, or diamond grading report, you must look at the proportion grade, polish grade, and symmetry grade.

These three grades together determine the overall make of a diamond, and are each respectively graded as either: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Medium or Poor.

The characteristics section of a Diamond Grading Report will tell you if there are any extra facets, naturals or holes in the diamond.