• Make

    Qualitative description of the overall cut quality of the diamond, taking into consideration the proportions and finish.

  • Marquise Cut

    Diamond cut or shaped into an oval with pointed ends. Also called a ‘navette,’ which is the French word for “little boat,” as the shape is similar to that of a boat’s hull.

  • Master Set

    Set of certified and registered diamonds, with known colours against which other diamonds are compared to establish their colour. A diamond master set is neccesary  for accurate colour grading. A first generation diamond master set is available to any diamond merchant or jeweller.

  • Melee

    Term for small polished diamonds weighing less than 15 points, or 0.15 of a carateach.

  • Milky Diamond

    Cloudy or hazy diamond with reduced transparency, brilliance, and overall life. A milky diamond can result from numerous factors, for example a dense cloud or extremely strong fluorescence. Click here to learn more about transparency.

  • Moh’s Scale

    Scale from for classifying the relative hardness used for gemstones, based on the ability of harder gemstones to scratch softer ones. Moh’s scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. Diamonds are the only material on earth to rate as a 10.

  • Moissanite

    Near-colourless, slightly oily looking man-made material that is often used to imitate diamond – a diamond simulant.