• Eight Cut

    Diamond cut or shaped in an old-style cut with only sixteen facets plus the table – eight on the crown and eight on the pavilion. This simple diamond cut is still used at times today for extremely small diamonds. Also known as a ‘single-cut‘ diamond.

  • Emerald Cut

    Diamond cut or shaped into a rectangle with the corners cut off, and rows or steps of elongated facets running parallel to the girdle on both the crown and the pavilion.

  • Equivalent Colour Grade (ECG)

    Occasionally ‘colourless’, or cape series diamonds will have a tint of brown or grey that is not visible face-up. These diamonds are graded on the same scale of color saturation as cape series diamonds, but are graded ‘ECG’ for hue. Diamonds with ECG grading are of lower value than those with no hue. Click here to see where to find hue on a diamond Certificate.

  • Extra Facet

    Facets added or remaining on a polished diamond in excess of the number usually found on a particular cutting style. Extra facets are added to remove surface imperfections, and inclusions located near the surface, without losing sizeable carat weight. Extra facets affect the polish grade of a diamond.

  • Eye-Clean

    Refers to the clarity of a diamond that has no inclusions visible to the naked eye – magnification is needed to see any inclusions that may be present.

  • Eye-Visible

    Refers to clarity of a diamond with inclusions that are visible to the naked eye, without magnification.